Author visit – Lari Don

Lari Don, a Scottish children’s author came to visit today to introduce her new book ‘The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster’ to the P1-3 children.  She shared the story, talked about how she writes her stories and her inspiration and also shared some Scottish tales too.  The children were captivated and loved the drama and excitement. She signed copies for those that had remembered money.  She will be in Waterstones on Saturday, 21st doing events for this book at 12 noon and on her series for older children,’Spellchasers’, at 2pm.



This starts back again at usual times, in the hall, after school tomorrow.

Egg competition winners

Congratulations to our Easter egg decoration competition winners:

P7 Winner: Bath (Grace)  Runner-up: Bacon, egg and a hint of lamb (Eilidh)
P6: Winner: Starnight Fox (Constanza)  Runner-up: Garden (Poppy Murray)
P5: Winner: Papa Smurf (Alicia) Runner-up: Jeffery the Dragon (Bhavya)
P4: Winner: DJ (Aoife)  Runner-up: Unicorn (Sophie)
P3: Winner: Egg Shearan (James) Runner-up: Crunchy Bunny (Chloe)
P2: Winner: Darth Vadar (Liam) Runner-up: Egg Emojii (Owen)
P1: Winner: Ron Weesley the Hampster (Daniel)  Runner-up: Egg Monster (Layla)

Equality and Diversity

We’ve been continuing our work around our school values and Equality and Diversity texts.  Over the last few weeks, each class has heard the story of the Invisible Boy.  We’ve discussed how these relate to our school values of EMPATHY and FRIENDSHIP.  These relate to the Health and Wellbeing curriculum (specifically those labelled 05a, 08a and 10a) Click on the underlined curricular areas for more information.

P6/7 completed heart charts and word clouds related to the themes of Empathy, Friendship and feeling Included.  This included aspects of Technologies – 01a

P2/3 considered how they could be kind friends and made a friendship tree.

P4/5 considered how to show empathy you have to put yourselves in others shoes.  They thought about the actions Justin and Brian did to show empathy and friendship.

P1/2 listened to story and discussed how Justin helped Brian to not be invisible any more. (Listening and Talking 07a)

P5/6 will look at this story following the Easter break.

McRobert Cup Stars

A huge well done to all our runners in the McRobert Cup today…Dylan, Sophie, Katie, Thomas, Felix, Alfie, Iona, Constanza, Jacob, Shannon, Deklan, Sam and Brandon.  They all ran superbly in what was a very cold wind.  The results were superb with many finishing in the top quarter of the runners.  A special well done to Dylan who came 3rd overall out of 110 runners and to the P6/7 Boys team who were 3rd team winners.  A big thank you to Sarah Tree for the coaching and supporting and to all parents who came to help today.


Mr Macleod is looking for baby dolls (not barbies but, play dolls) for his hospital and house imaginative play areas.  If you have any that you are no longer using please could you pass them into the office.

A reminder that we are also looking for small items to make up a baby and toddler box that would provide some entertainment for our younger members at meetings.

Many thanks