Bullying Assembly

Today we looked at what the classes had prepared following our introduction to bullying during Anti-bullying week on 16th November.  The children watched the short clip from the Literacy shed https://www.literacyshed.com/anti-bullying-shed.html

Since then they have been worked in class looking at various aspects around bullying:

P1-2 looked at the various feelings from how the bully might feel, how friends might feel, how it feels to be bullied and how it feels when you get an adults help.  They created emoji faces to show this.

P2/3 looked at how it felt to be bullied and how it felt once you asked for help.

P4/5 looked at all that you could do if you were being bullied.

P5/6 created a poster around the film clip and what you could do if you saw bullying happening.

P6/7 created poster on the various types of bullying.

These were then displayed altogether in our front entrance hall.

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